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Where Words &
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Connect with like-minded word enthusiasts, engage in thrilling matches, and embark on an exciting journey of language mastery. Together, we build words, and we build lasting bonds.

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The Lekki Scrabble Club is a community of passionate scrabble players who share a love for this wonderful game. The club's roots trace back to July 2010 when scrabble enthusiasts in the Lekki area of Lagos began coming together to play games during weekends and any free time they could find.

From its humble beginnings with only four members, the Lekki Scrabble Club has grown steadily and now boasts a large community of bona fide members, with players hailing from various parts of the world.

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Community of Lekki Scrabble Club Members.

Behind The Board

The Lekki Scrabble Club stands as an esteemed society, distinguished as a premier scrabble organization within Nigeria. Membership demands a notable blend of personal, professional, and vocational achievements. Becoming a part of our scrabble club presents an exceptional avenue to forge connections, acquire fresh competencies, and revel in the game we love.